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Podcast Season 13 Announcement!

Hello and welcome back to Accessible Art History! I am so excited to announce the plan for Season 13 of the podcast!

This summer, I was lucky enough to receive a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to attend one of their summer seminars for educators. I attended the “Digital Ancient Rome” seminar at Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter MN. At this seminar, we learned about the history of the great city and how we can use digital humanities resources to teach the subject. I realized that this would make a great topic for the next podcast season!

So, this season on Accessible Art History: The Podcast, I will cover ten, important monuments from Ancient Rome. In addition, I will share some of the digital humanities resources that I learned about here on the blog! I'm looking forward to going on this adventure with you! The season will start on Monday, September 5th!

And one last note before I go: if you would like to sponsor an episode of the new season (and receive a shoutout for doing so!), please go to the link in the episode description! My goal is $50 or $5/per episode. Don’t worry, I will always bring you free art history educational content, this just helps me cover research costs since I do sometimes need to purchase materials out of pocket. Thank you in advance if you choose to support Accessible Art History!

You can find all of the episodes here or by searching "Accessible Art History" on your favorite platform!

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