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Podcast Episode 4: Akhenaten Relief Carving

Hello everyone! This post contains images and sources for the fourth episode of our podcast. This episode covers a relief carving of Akhenaten and his family. If you haven't listened to the episode, go ahead and click here!


Akhenaten, Nefertit, and their Three Daughters.

c. 1350 BCE

(Creative Commons 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons)


Early Amarna period

(Creative Commons 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons)

Bust of Nefertiti

C. 1345 BCE

(Creative Commons 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Ruins of Amarna

(Creative Commons 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)



Gardner’s Art through the Ages, 12th edition

Fred S. Kleiner

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