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Podcast Episode 2: Lascaux Caves

Thank you for checking out Episode 2 of Accessible Art History: The Podcast! Here are the associated images and sources. If you want to check out more episodes or listen to this one, click here.

If you want to take the digital tour, (which I highly recommend!), click here.


Modern day entrance to the caves

(Creative Commons Licence 3.0 via Wikimedia)

Henri Breuil, 1954

(Creative Commons Licence 3.0 via Wikimedia)

Hall of the Bulls

Replica in Lascaux II

(Public Domain)

Dun Horse

(Public Domain)

Wounded Bison Attacking a Man

(Creative Commons Licence 3.0 via Wikimedia)



Gardner's Art through the Ages, Volume 12

Fred S. Kleiner






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