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Podcast Episode 12: Lindisfarne Gospels

Welcome back to Accessible Art History: The Podcast! For the 12th episode, we are traveling to the British Isles to learn all about the Lindisfarne Gospels. They are a magnificent example of Hiberno-Saxon/Insular medieval manuscripts. To listen to the full episode, click here or download it onto your favorite platform.


Portrait of St. Mark - Lindisfarne Gospels

(CC 0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Chi Ro symbol - Gospel of Matthew - Lindisfarne Gospels

(Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Carpet Page Lindisfarne Gospels

(Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Ruins of the Lindisfarne Monastery

(CC 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

St. Cuthbert - 12th century illuminated manuscript

(CC 0 via Wikimedia Commons)



Gardner's Art through the Ages, 12th edition by Fred S. Kleiner

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