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2023 at Accessible Art History

Happy 2023 everyone! It’s truly amazing that another year is here at Accessible Art History. This will be my fourth year of this passion project and I am so grateful for the continued support from everyone as I seek to democratize art history knowledge.

One of the ways I plan on achieving this is through a new offering! Once a month, I plan on offering free, one hour art history lectures on a variety of topics! I ran a pilot in December and it was well received. So, I thought that continuing the program in the new year would be a great idea! Keep an eye out for updates on dates, times, and subjects on all social media posts.

All content creation at Accessible Art History will remain the same. Scheduling might change as I navigate my role as an education coordinator at an arts school, but I will always update information through social media and the blog!

Another goal for Accessible Art History this year is being able to teach art history courses! I’m working on enrollment and hoping to teach starting in the Spring Quarter of this year.

Again, thank you for all of the support over the years! I’m so excited to continue the work of Accessible Art History in 2023!

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