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2020 Wrap Up

Welcome back to the Accessible Art History blog! I can’t believe it is my last post of 2020! This year has been difficult, filled with ups and downs. But, one of the biggest bright spots in my life is the history community online, especially on Instagram. This year, I was able to connect with so many new friends that share a love of history. It has meant the world, so I wanted to make sure I said a big thank you!

The two biggest successes this year for Accessible Art History came from the YouTube channel and the podcast. They both helped me to grow my influence and bring my passion for teaching front and center. I hope to continue this mission in 2021!

The schedule for the Accessible Art History content offerings will remain the same for 2021. They are as follows: (click for links!)

I also intended to update and relaunch my curriculum for AP Art History, as well as produce new courses!

2021 is going to be a great year, I can feel it! I look forward to all that it holds with my friends in the history community by my side!

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